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Method Of Calculate Overland Conveyor Capital Cost Of overland conveyor capitalA new era in overland conveyor belt designit is now possible to design overland and high strength conveyor belts that are substantially more reliable, have greater life expectancy and reduced life cycle costs the belt can represent up to 60 of an overland conveyor systems capital cost

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maintenance, increase wear to the belt, chute and load stations and add risk of damage to the belt All of these things put at risk the continuous operation of the plant An overland conveyor designed using the most advanced techniques and materials will provide: • Reduced capital expenditure • Reduced power consumption • Reduced

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Inaccurate predictions lead to either a serious risk of failure or wasteful and excessive expenditure of the client’s capital and operating cost 1 Introduction Many articles have been published in this magazine on both analytical and numerical methods to design long overland belt conveyor systems

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Similar to capital costs of associated with InPit conveyor system, overland conveyor system increase in capital costs as tonnages increase Below are two tables comparing the capital costs associated with overland conveyors, both with a base length of 1,615 metres, and materials weighing 801 kg/cu m and 1602 kg/cu m, respectively (InfoMine USA, 2014) (HIC Conveyor Products Factory India, 2003)


considerations will substantially reduce initial capital expenditure • The preservation of belt life is a key factor in reducing maintenance costs • Steelcord systems are not comparable to external cable systems • The future of the long overland conveyor lies in improved understanding of Ky factor under practical circumstances and